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Leona didn't really care about herself because she was studying so much, but after entering college, she quickly started paying attention to her appearance, especially when she had a boyfriend. To look more attractive, she searched for beauty salons online. She is ignorant and easily deceived. In addition to the skillful tricks, the stimulants from the tea and essential oils mixed soon made Leona's body extremely sensitive. Even though I know I can't do it, I can't forget the pleasure of making love to him. Her body was always itchy and uncomfortable, so she proactively looked for that place again... and this time, perhaps, there was the appearance of two strange companions. And, as the name suggests, the two were freely manipulating Leona's body. Then, to encourage and expand the facility, we recorded the entire “massage” process and posted it online. Leona agreed and made up with them, and right next to her drugged-out boyfriend waiting for her outside, two strange men forced her to fuck her on camera.

The beautiful girl went to the wrong place for a massage

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